Rock Integration

We'll walk you through how to set up your integration into Rock RMS.

Getting Started

In order to connect your Rock instance to your My Well account there are three simple steps, detailed below:

  1. Install the My Well plugin in Rock

  2. Connect your Rock instance in My Well

  3. Assign your funds in My Well to accounts/funds in Rock

Installing The Plugin

To install the My Well plugin for Rock, you’ll need to go to the Rock Shop and look for the My Well Ministry plugin in the Giving/Finance section. Once installed you’ll need to confirm your default settings:

Default Account

When you set up your integration to Rock within the My Well platform, you should assign all funds to accounts/funds within Rock. However, if a fund in My Well has not been explicitly linked to an account/fund in Rock then the Default Account is how gifts will be classified in Rock when they sync.

Default Connection Status

When My Well syncs gifts to Rock it will look to see if there is an existing person record within Rock with whom we can attribute the gift. If there is no existing person, then we will create a new person record in Rock with whatever the Default Connection Status is set to.

Update Home Address

When a giver creates their account in My Well they provide a home address. If they were to update their home address within the My Well platform you can decide whether or not that should also sync and update their information within Rock.

Connecting To Rock

Now the plugin is installed in Rock you can go over to your admin portal in the My Well platform to connect the two together. The configuration panel lives at the URL below)https://(insert your church shortname)

Click the Create button to add your details.

To connect to your Rock instance you’ll need the External Rock Address, and the REST API Key, both of which can be found within the My Well plugin in your Rock account.

Add those two pieces of info to the form below:

Once you have saved this form and successfully connected to your Rock instance, you will be able to assign your funds.

Assigning Funds

Click the View & Edit button on the Fund Sync section to get access to the fund control panel. This will allow you to attribute your funds within My Well to your existing accounts/funds within Rock.

On the left-side you will see each fund name in My Well, and on the right side will be a drop-down containing all the accounts/funds synced from your Rock instance. Simply go through and assign each fund to the corresponding account in Rock to make sure that gifts get synced and attributed correctly.

Multi-Location Churches

If you have multiple sites or locations then each fund will have its own section, and every fund will have its location name appended to the fund name. You may be grouping all your funds within Rock regardless of location, or you may be separating them out based on the location. This data structure should give you the flexibility to accommodate either option.

Start Syncing!

Once your funds have been assigned, you’re ready to start syncing! Simply click the Begin Syncing button to see new gifts in My Well sync over to your instance of Rock.

Sync Frequency

When a gift is created in My Well, the gift is immediately synced over to Rock with a status of pending. It will show up in the My Well pending gifts batch.

Once a gift settles, the update is synced, and the gift will be moved to a settlement batch within Rock. Batches are grouped the same way in Rock as they are in the My Well platform, with separate batches for credit card, and ACH transactions.