Common Questions About The Planning Center Integration

We have answered some of the common questions about the Planning Center Integration below.

How are gifts made in the Giving Platform synced to the correct person in PCO?

Each person in Planning Center has a Person ID that is used for syncing. 

If we don't know who a person is yet, we search by their name. If no one is found, a new person is created in PCO and we track the new Person ID. 

Why are some batches not syncing to PCO?

PCO does not allow us to sync gifts with closed accounts. We recommend that you leave accounts open in PCO until both the gifts and batches are committed. 

The other reason that a batch might not be syncing is if it isn't ready in the My Well Giving Platform. We do not post payouts in the Admin Portal until all transactions are settled in our system. Until this happens, they will not sync to PCO. 

How do we fix the "422: Attribute Resource Not Found. Error setting person_id. The underlying resource couldn't be found." error?

This most likely occurs because a person has been merged or deleted in PCO. You will need to reach out to the My Well Support Team to resolve the issue. There are two options to resolve this.

  1. Update the Person ID in our database. In order to do this, you will need to send us the Person ID from PCO.
    1. There are two places to find the Person ID in Planning Center. 
      1. Navigate to the person in PCO. The Person ID is after AC in the URL.
        Untitled (1)
      2. Navigate to Search for the person’s first & last name and find the ID. 
  2. Delete the Person ID in our database. 
    1. When we re-sync the transaction, it will then search for the correct Person ID and save it in our database.