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What Makes My Well Ministry Different From Other Payment Processing Providers?

Discover how being a ministry sets us apart from other payment processing companies.

A quick search for available credit processing options for churches and nonprofits yields an overwhelming amount of options. While we can't tell you which option to choose, we do want to help you understand what makes My Well Ministry different from the rest.

1. We're a Ministry.

The Hebrew word for ministry is Sharath, and it simply means to serve. 

In Greek, the word used is Diakonos, and it is used figuratively of those who advance others' interests even at the sacrifice of their own.

Ministry is what defines us. Ministry is what sets us apart. We exist to serve others. 

Our goal isn't to make a profit, but rather, to take the success God has given us, and use it to give back to churches and faith-based nonprofits.

We want to serve you in this way, helping your ministry grow by freeing up money that would otherwise go toward credit card processing fees.

2. We're a Nonprofit.

We believe in ministry so much, that we officially registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the fall of 2017. We wanted to take our commitment to never turning a profit one step further, by ensuring our organization was setup for the benefit of our customers.

We understand what it's like to be in ministry. Like you, we're on a mission to change the status quo. We understand the tension of pursuing a mission and needing funds to bring that mission to life. We're in this together, and we see you as an integral partner as we free up funds for ministry work. 

3. We don't have a sales team.

Many organizations leverage a sales team to spread the word and gain new customers. While there's nothing wrong with this approach, we chose early on to not build a sales team, instead focusing on exceptional support that is dedicated to helping your ministry. As a result, we're able to save on operating expenses and funnel money that would be used for sales back into making our product better.

4. We provide our services at cost, with zero markup.

Since our inception, My Well Ministry has distinguished itself by offering Interchange Plus Zero pricing. We have never profited from the money processed through our organization, and we never will. We even took some time to outline How Much Does My Well Cost, showing a transparent breakdown of where fees are going.

We pass 100% of these savings onto your ministry, so you can free up more money for ministry work.

Note: If you have any specific questions or would like more information about My Well Ministry, please connect with us!