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What Is My Well Ministry?

Learn about who we are and why we offer at cost credit card processing to faith based nonprofits.

My Well Ministry is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, registered in the state of Illinois that provides at cost credit card processing services to faith based nonprofits, freeing up resources to help these organizations further their mission.

We were birthed out of TransNational, our payment processing partner, when the CEO John Pitzaferro, heard his pastor tell the story of a man who owned a well drilling business. This man realized that he could use the success of his well drilling business to begin drilling wells in Africa for free.

This story profoundly impacted John, and in that moment he had the realization: "My Well is payment processing." In 2009, John officially launched “My Well Ministry”.

A Grander Vision

We strongly believe that as followers of Jesus, we can take part in a grander vision to impact the world for good. Rather than follow the traditional business model of seeing churches and faith based nonprofits as just another market to profit from, we believe that business leaders can change the status quo by offering their services to nonprofits either at cost or for free. 

In the payment industry, this allows us to take the money, previously gleaned by adding a percentage on top of credit card processing fees, and put that money back into ministry.

To date, My Well Ministry has had the opportunity to serve hundreds of churches and 501c3 nonprofits across the country. Since our inception, we've seen organizations save over $13,000,000, freeing up much needed capital that has been used for ministry and kingdom purposes.

What's Your Well?

What is that endeavor God has given you success in? What is that gift He's placed within you? We believe that the world changes as people leverage their gifts for the benefit of God's kingdom. We all want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, but the more you try to satisfy your thirst with self interest, the more disillusioned you will become.

What is that step you need to take to shift your direction and make a lasting, kingdom impact?

What is that thing buried in the back of your mind you've been putting off? 

What would it look like if you paused long enough to answer the question:
"What's my well?"

As you wrestle with the answers to those questions, and begin to take steps toward putting those answers into action, we believe your life will have greater purpose and meaning, and countless others will be impacted by your faith.