How To Turn On The Cover The Costs Feature

If your givers want to cover the fees on their gifts, admins can turn this feature on.

Steps To Turn On Cover The Costs Using The My Well Giving Platform Web Version:

1. Sign in to your My Well account and navigate to the Admin Portal.

Admin Page

2. Select your organization's logo in the top right corner, and then select Settings.


Admin Settings

3. Select the toggles to turn on or off the feature for ACH and/or credit card donations. 

Cover the Costs

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 9.30.45 AM

Note: If the feature is turned on, givers will have the option to check a box and add the processing cost to their gift. If checked, ACH gifts will have an extra 30 cents added to their overall gift amount and credit card gifts will add 1.75%+$0.30.