How Does The Rock Integration Work?

Learn more about the Rock Integration below.

The Rock Integration with the My Well Giving Platform syncs both gifts and payouts. If anything fails to sync, it will be tracked on the Rock Integration page in the My Well Admin Portal along with the error message.

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How The Gift Sync Works:

1. When a gift is processed on the My Well Giving Platform, the transaction is automatically synced to the Rock instance. The transaction will go to the batch named My Well Unsettled Transactions.

2. We have a job that runs twice a day (3am and 8am EST) that updates the gift statuses. 

3. If a transaction is settled, it will be moved from the My Well Unsettled Transactions batch to the appropriate batch. This batch will be set to Automated and Pending

4. If a transaction is declined since it didn't settle, it will be deleted from the My Well Unsettled Transactions batch.

5. If a pending transaction is manually deleted from the My Well Unsettled Transactions batch, we will check if the transaction already exists in Rock. If it does not exist, it will be re-created within the My Well Unsettled Transactions batch.

6. If a transaction had originally settled but returns later, a new transaction is created in Rock with a negative amount. This new transaction is added to its own batch that is set to Opened

7. We won't re-sync transactions that already exist in Rock, even if they have been manually moved to a different batch. This is to avoid duplicates.

How The Payout Sync Works:

1. When a settlement is ready in My Well, we create the payout in the My Well Admin Portal and then sync it to Rock.

2. When we find the batch in Rock, it is in the Pending status. 

3. If the batch is complete (all gifts have synced over), we change the batch to the Opened status and turn automation off.

4. If a batch gets re-synced and has been Opened previously or is Closed now, we will disregard syncing that batch.

Note: A gift that fails to sync will cause its payout to not sync. Once the gift is re-synced, you can re-sync the payout related to that gift. 

Pro Tip: If a batch in Rock still shows as Pending/Automated, do not touch it or make any changes. Wait until it shows as Opened, which means we have synced over all gifts for that batch.