How Does The Planning Center Integration Work?

Learn more about the Planning Center Integration below.

How The Planning Center Integration Works:

1. When a payout is ready in My Well (with all gifts), we will sync it to PCO.

2. A pending batch is created in PCO and each gift is added to the batch.


3. If all gifts sync over, the batch is then committed in PCO (from pending). 

4. If a gift fails to sync within a batch, the other gifts will keep syncing.

5. The gifts that fail to sync will be listed on the Integrations page in the Admin Portal.

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6. When a gift fails to sync, the batch is still kept as pending in PCO. 

7. You, as the admin, can retry syncing the failed gifts from the Integrations page in the Admin Portal.

How Re-Syncing Gifts Works:

1. During a retry, we check if the batch is still pending in PCO.

2. If the batch is pending, we will retry to add the gift. After we re-sync the gift, the batch will move to committed if it is complete. If not, it remains as pending.

3. If the batch was already manually committed, we will not sync the transaction in order to avoid duplicates.