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How Does PCI Compliance Work Through My Well Ministry Giving Platform?

We'll walk you through understanding and completing your PCI compliance.

PCI compliance is a requirement for all merchant accounts.

PCI compliance is a security checklist created by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to help reduce fraud. All organizations that process credit and debit card payments, and all merchants that accept card payments, are responsible for their own PCI compliance.

PCI can be a scary, overwhelming term. At My Well we do all the work for you! We like to refer to our PCI process as a Merchant Declaration Form rather than a PCI security checklist. The requirements are simple and straightforward. We will send you a pre completed PandaDoc link. You will simply fill in your ministries information, sign the form, then check complete. The PandaDoc automatically sends the completed form back to us and we take it from there. It really is that simple!

You'll need to fill out this form every year since systems involved in processing online payment could change. But don't worry—we'll send you an email reminder when the time comes.

The best part is My Well does not charge any PCI fees. As long as you take a few minutes to complete the form you will never be charged a single PCI fee.