When we released our new web giving feature in March, our team discovered a few edge cases where it was possible to get stuck during the sign up process. This made it difficult to sign back in and finish creating an account. 

It would often lead to an infinite loading screen like the one shown below:

If your page stayed on the loading state of creating your account, signing in would often result in an error message, making it impossible to sign in and give to your church.

While account creation and sign in trouble can be frustrating, we have some steps you can take to recover your account. Keep reading to discover how.

How to recover and complete your account.

Because this issue only affects users on the web giving page for your church, the first step to completing your account is to download the My Well Giving App on iOS or Android, depending on your phone type.

Once you download and install the app, open it and you'll land on the welcome screen

Tap the sign in button to enter your phone number and the PIN you previously used to create your account.

From here, fill out your name, email address, and tap to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Next, you'll want to finish adding your address along with an initial payment method like your bank account or credit card. 

Finally, you'll see a confirmation to verify your email address. From here, check your email to see an Account Activation email from My Well Ministry. Tap the Activate Account button to securely verify your address.

This will set your account up to start giving to your church!

Your account is now complete!

Now that you've completed your account, you'll be able to successfully sign in from the My Well Giving App—or from the online giving page for your church.

To give from the web, simply re-visit your church's giving page and sign in using the same phone number and PIN that you just used to complete your account.
It will look something like https://www.mywell.org/give/mywell.

Our team is working to resolve these issues over Easter weekend, so these instructions should only be a temporary workaround.

Thanks for your patience and for using the My Well Giving App. We're thankful for your generosity and that we get to help more of your tithes and offerings go to more ministry!

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