What you'll need

  • An EIN
  • Completed Registration with Benevity
  • Apple Pay Approval

Register With Benevity

In order for your nonprofit organization to accept Apple Pay, you'll first need to create a Benevity account. We'll walk you step-by-step through this process!

1. To get started, visit Benevity.org and click the Register Now button in the middle of the screen.

2. Enter your organization's EIN (Federal Tax Id number) when asked, and click search.

Note: If your organization is not listed, reach out to the My Well team to have it added.

3. Select the View Details button next to your church name displayed in the list below

4. Select the Register Now Button to finalize your account and answer questions about your organization.

5. Fill out the form and click Submit.

  • Sometimes you'll need to verify your account after this step. If so it will ask you to upload two documents. Upload them and wait for the email confirmation that your documents are verified. (This typically happens in 2-3 days) If this happens, skip to step 8.

6. Select Skip for Now

7a. If your profile says “complete” next to “verify your identity” move on to the next step.

7b. If your profile says “not complete” on the second item in the list, you need to fill out the contact our support form and include your EIN letter to verify your identity.

8. Fill out the “self-Certification” questions with the directions below.

1. Yes. Because you are a 501C3/Non profit

2. If "Yes" See 2a; If "No" move to question 3

  • 2(a) Yes -Is Your Organization a religious or faith-based organization exempt from applicable laws that otherwise prohibit such Discrimination?

3. Yes. "Donation Funds" refer to funds or other resources that are distributed to Eligible Charities in accordance with Donor Advice by a Foundation or Benevity on behalf of a Foundation.

4. No.

5. Questions 5- 13: Yes.

9. From your Benevity Dashboard, once you see the first 3 steps marked as "Complete", you have successfully registered with Benevity!

There is no need to complete sections 4 and 5. Your account will say 60% complete and that is fine. It will prompt you to complete your profile but you do not need to do so.

You will receive an email in 2-5 days from “Benevity Causes” confirming that your registration was successful. Once you receive this email from Benevity you can move onto Apple Pay approval!

Apply For Apple Pay Approval

Once your Benevity account is established and completed to 60%, you'll need to apply to accept Apple Pay donations.

1. Visit the Apple Pay section on Benevity.

2. Enter your EIN (Federal Tax Id) and click search.

3. Scroll down to find your organization in the list and click the "View Details" button.

4. From the next page, click the red "Request Approval for Apple Pay" button

5a. Fill out the form.

  • When asked for the "Apple Developer Team Id", use this value: V2QL2F4WG3. (Since My Well is processing payments on behalf of your organization, Apple allows you to enter our Team Id)
  • In the "Web Domains" field, enter https://www.mywell.org.

Click Submit to complete the form and wait for confirmation!

5b. If you see the message “your organization is not eligible,” go back to step 7a in the Register with Benevity instructions.

  • Typically Apple Pay is eligible 24 hours after you have completed questions 1-13 to register with Benevity.

6. You will receive an email from Apple pay in 2-5 days confirming that you are approved to accept Apple Pay Donations. The email will look similar to the image below.

When you receive final approval from Apple Pay send your Benevity Confirmation number and let us know you received Apple Pay approval.

Send My Well Your Benevity Confirmation Number

The final step is to send confirmation of Apple Pay approval along with your Benevity Id to the My Well team (help@mywell.org)!

This Id can be accessed by signing into your Benevity account that you created earlier.

  • Sign into https://causes.benevity.org/user
  • Click the Reports Tab
  • Copy your ID near the top of the page
  • Send the ID to the My Well Team
  • All set—your organization can now be activated in the My Well app!

If you get stuck at any step, or have some questions about the process, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Congrats! If you made it this far, your organization is now setup to start leveraging the cost savings of the My Well Giving Platform!

Apple Pay FAQ

How does Apple Pay work?
Apple Pay allows users to make donations leveraging their cards stored in their Apple Pay account. By using Apple Pay, a unique token is generated each time a donation is made, increasing the security of online transactions. This secure token is passed My Well, as your payment processor, in order to complete the gift.

Are there extra fees involved with Apple Pay?
Nope! Apple Pay transactions cost the same as using a regular credit card. There are no administrative fees either. Win win!

Do we have to support Apple Pay?
Yes. Currently, all organizations using the My Well Giving Platform must be registered and approved in order to use the app. This allows us to keep a consistent experience for all givers, making it as simple as possible for them to give.

Does Apple Pay work in a web browser?
No. We currently only support Apple Pay within the My Well Giving App.

We're not a registered 501c3 non-profit. Can we still use Apple Pay?
Yes, please contact the My Well team for additional information.

We already have an Apple Developer account, can we use that?

Yes. If you have an Apple Developer Account, you can enter the Team Id associated with your account.

For more information about the process involved for using Apple Pay for Donations, visit https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/nonprofits/.

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