We love local churches and ministries, and are always looking to serve them in any way we can, even if that means sending them to a different company that can provide a lower rate. 9 times out 10, using My Well for online giving will result in the absolute lowest amount of fees. But what if you're a small church?

The first question we often ask small churches is: How much do you anticipate bringing in through online donations each month?

From our experience, if you're bringing in less than $4,000 each month, signing up for Paypal will most likely be your best option. Paypal for Non-profits offers a very low 2.2% + $0.30 flat rate per transaction with no monthly fee.  

Because we pass on a required monthly fee through My Well, the break even point averages out to $4,000 in donations per month. Once you reach this point in online giving volume, partnering with My Well would make the most sense, since you would likely end up with an average effective rate lower than 2.2%. 

Bottom line: If you process less than $4,000 each month, you will get the lowest rate with Paypal for Non-profits. But if you process more than $4,000, contact one of our ministry consultants for a savings analysis or simply Get Started to get Interchange Plus Zero pricing and free up more money for more ministry!

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